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Only the middle part is blue

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I was excited about the sky because I heard it was blue and blue is my favorite color. I was disappointed to find that only the middle part was blue. It was more gray-white in the beginning and purple at the end. The blue parts were sometimes very blue, but sometimes had a lot of white mixed in which I didn’t really get. I think it was trying to be deep but the white things were too distracting to really get what was supposed to be deep. I like the inclusion of many birds but they could have been more colorful. I did like the part with the airplane. It came as a complete surprise and was very effective. Also I should mention that the sky is very vast so you have to like vast things. If you prefer more modest fare the sky is not for you. I would recommend the sky to people who like vast things that are mostly blue and might be deep if you don’t mind the distracting white parts. ***

Comment: not sure we even saw the same sky. Mine is black and twinkly with light.

Comment: huh? No, I guess we didn’t see the same thing, but mine is definitely sky.

Departure from ground

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I don’t know why I went outside and looked at the sky when I wasn’t a big fan of ground (I was led to believe it was similar), but I’m glad I gave sky a chance. Sky is completely different from Ground. Ground is so boring. Sky is amazing. Loved sky and plan on seeing it again. *****

Comment: I loved ground, so I guess I won’t like sky? LOL.

Comment: I think you’ll like sky. It’s just not an apt comparison. FTR I didn’t *hate* ground, I just thought it was really slow.

Comment: Maybe you just have to be in the mood for it.

Comment: Maybe.

Get celestial vault instead

This is a cheap rip off of a much better product, CELESTIAL VAULT. Don’t waste your time on sky. * (Wish I could give it ZERO stars).

Comment: let me guess. You work for celestial vault?

Comment: I have zero association with celestial vault.

Comment: I’ll take that as a yes.

Don’t believe the hype

I heard a lot of buzz about sky like it was the best thing ever and it was just OK. My kids *hated* it so definitely don’t bring kids to this. They will hate it. **

Arrived wet

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Mine was wet and I couldn’t use it. *

2 thoughts on “Amazon.com Reviews of The Sky

  1. Highly amusing, Mr. Scaletta 🙂

  2. Anne Bingham says:

    I ordered the blue sky with the bright yellow disk attachment but what was shipped was a mostly off-white and dark gray model and a yellow disk whose proprietary battery died within minutes of set-up. Also, the packaging was very poor. Something fragile like sky should ship surrounded by bubble wrap, not those stupid cold-paks that collapse half the time–as the carton was broken when the UPS guy left it on the porch, the cold leaked out and froze my tulips. I have requested a return authorization and will be purchasing my next sky locally, from an independent store if possible but Best Sky if I have to.

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