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Dear Friends,

I am going to discontinue the blog portion of this website. I have found it harder and harder to keep up with the blog, and the interest in (and blogs in general) simultaneously flagging.

I think it is better to not do something than to do it poorly. I am no longer able to do it well, and haven’t for a long time. So I’ll convert it into a static site with info about my books and me for readers, but no blog content.

I will continue posting to my tinyletter when I have essay-sized thoughts.

I will salvage the top blog entries from the last ten years and save them under a new page — the one about reading Charlotte’s Web to Byron, the parody of the WSJ article, and a few other gems I am proud of. Most of the other stuff is going to be archived and permanently unavailable. (So if you have a have a favorite, let me know!)

Just wanted to warn those faithful friends and readers who have been checking in.

Best wishes,

– Kurtis

One thought on “De-Blogging

  1. mirkabreen says:

    I’ve enjoyed your posts immensely, Kurtis. Many bloggers have gone AWL without notice, so thank you for the polite notification.No one needs to do this if it doesn’t serve you in some way.
    But know that your past efforts mattered to me.

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