Rafael Rosales is Called Up

Rooting for Rafael Rosales is out in the world! I have been collecting some of the best review slugs on the Rafael Rosales page. I wrote a little bit about how this book came together for the publisher’s blog. And I had a lovely launch party at The Red Balloon bookshop. We distributed seed packets of bee-friendly flowers, assembled by Byron. We had cake. Friends old and new showed up.

My favorite person was a girl who likes gardening and was excited to read a book where gardening figures in…I think she’s basically Real Life Maya. Photo is by her mom, posted with permission, but name withheld at her request.

And here’s a photo with a bee and a fox both appropriately photo-bombing me!


Thanks to the Red Balloon and everyone who came out!


4 thoughts on “Rafael Rosales is Called Up

  1. Great to see you after 30 years or so. My daughter and I can’t wait to read your new book. Take care, Nancy (Rolczynski) Piga

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