One of 10,000 Takes

I started writing a longish blog entry about my son’s start at Kindergarten, but decided to send it to the Minneapolis Star Tribune for their 10,000 Takes series instead… and here it is.

2 thoughts on “One of 10,000 Takes

  1. Hi Kurtis,
    We have some things in common. My four children all learned through different styles. I can feel your anguish.
    You express yourself well…as I’ve read previously in your books. In fact I read Mudville as part of my MFA from Hamline University. Now, back to the reason I’m writing this to you: Never give up.
    Your son may have different-abilities as I liked to call my son’s disability. It is worth having an evaluation done. Because we are all individual’s and hopefully life-long learners, I ask you to patiently persevere. We as parents have to continually learn. Our kids do teach us.
    Best wishes.
    You may use my email if you feel inclined to follow up on this.
    Another parent-

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