If I Were Super

superheroKid: I wish I had super powers.

Dad: Well, if you could have one, what would it be?

Kid: I would run really fast (mimes running) and have a super punch (mimes punching).

Dad: I think there are better super powers. Like, what if your super power was making people feel good about themselves?

Boy: Thoughtful look

Dad: What if your super power was teaching?

Boy: Nods.

Dad: If you think about it, the super powers most superheroes have any good. Batman has all those super powers, but the Joker never changes. Even when he gets caught he just breaks out of jail. So Batman’s powers don’t change anything. If he was a really good teacher, maybe he could change the Joker. Or if he his super power was healing he could heal the Joker’s inner wounds and make him be a better person.

Boy: Looks down reflectively. 

Dad: So do you think you’d want a super power like that?

Boy: No, I want to run really fast and have a SUPER PUNCH. Leaps forward and pummels imaginary enemy. 

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