Snail Mail

Would anyone like to strike up a snail mail style correspondence? I miss writing and receiving letters in the mail, and feel like something’s been lost there that hasn’t been replaced by email or Facebook messenger. As a college student and shortly after graduating I wrote tons of letters and felt like I would develop a classic correspondence, the kind that Melville had with Hawthorne, with some of my witty pals. Of course I also that I would have a Melville/Hawthorne-style writing career and beard, but…  Well, adult life is filled with corrections to your expectations.

What I didn’t expect is for email to completely end letter-writing almost in a day. I got that bitnet email address in 1993 and it was all over for letters. Then Facebook mostly killed email and I guess in a few years we’ll be like ha ha, that person still uses Facebook, while we cyberface or whatever we’ll be doing by then.

Anyway, letters. Yeah. Send me one and I’ll send you one. Leave a message below to get my address. You must use a valid email address in your comment so I can tell you my home address. If we’ve ever met in person or kinda know each other, that’s great, but I also welcome readers and other friends I haven’t met.


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