Bees, Baseball, and Beverly Cleary

Bee and FlowerEleven months ago I wrote this post about a first draft of a book I’d just finished.

It was supposed to be about an aspiring baseball player growing up on the streets of San Pedro de Macorís, “The Cradle of Shortstops.” It is still about him, but it is also about a sensitive American girl named Maya who takes an interest in the same player, years later when he is in the minor leagues and struggling. It is about a baseball blogger named Grace, and a Haitian girl named Bijou, and it’s about bees.

I’m pleased to say that this book has now found a home at Albert Whitman Books! It’s still a long road to publication day, but watch here for further announcements. (Photo by Stuart Williams)

March2016cover_200x300And while I have you on the phone, I should tell you about the next issue of The Horn Book magazine, which provides reviews and commentary on children’s literature. The March/April issue will have a special section devoted to Beverly Cleary in honor of her 100th birthday, and my essay “Beverly Cleary and the Art of Growing Up” is included. I can’t say how flattered I am to be a part of this issue, celebrating a writer who has had such a huge impact on my own career: not just the shape of it, but the fact I chose it.




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