Judi Dench as Catherine de Bourgh“If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.” – Lady Catherine De Bourgh, Pride and Prejudice

As one contemplates the snowy wasteland out one’s office window, one cannot help but feel that one has made tragic errors in living one’s life to have arrived in such a bleak position. And so, one’s mind turns to the daydreams and idle “planning” of other life-paths.

I’ll bet I would have been a good designer of board games, I think, and perhaps I’ll do it still. (I actually made one or two in college, but remember nothing about their schematics). I read this French documentarian knocked out Risk one weekend and made a bazillion dollars. I should do that.

On the other hand, I should have gone into the executive end of publishing, where I could conceive of entire lines of books and hire other people to write them. I am a slow writer but a veritable idea factory. What would be great about that is that ideas are perfect little gems, and any problem with the product would be on the writer.

Or I should have become proficient in Spanish and have some international role in some industry (I don’t care which) that would have me, right now, on a beach in Costa Rica drinking something out of a half-coconut.

If I had tried those things, I would have been great at them.

What are your Debourghings, dear readers?

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