Top Five of 2014: Number One

I told you there’d be a surprise, and here it is: the top-read post of the year is not from this year. It’s not even from last year. It’s from 2011, a parody of an infamous article in the Wall Street Journal about the darkness in young adult literature (I think I owe a lot of this long life to a much more popular blog that linked to it).

Here it is: “Brightness too Visible”

2014 was a rough year full of long nights at home and disappointment in my publishing endeavors. One silver lining is that I started writing here again regularly, grew my audience and, I think, did some good stuff. When I page back to the first few years of the blog I see how much I’ve grown as a writer even since I sold my first book. One goal for 2015 is to maintain it and cultivate it even more.

Thanks to everyone who reads, shares, comments on, and subscribes to this blog. Have a wonderful 2015.  

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