Today’s #WeekPositive is Nothing

You might have noticed that I’m tagging posts #weekpositive and linking to things I think are insightful and helpful. The internet is full of “positive” stuff, platitudes about loving yourself and not worrying, but I’m veering away from those and toward ones that have actual, practicable, suggestions. Some of the take aways so far: When your loved one wants to share something, respond gratefully. Explain instead of argue. Carry a poem with you. Use your worst experiences for inspiration.

Today I wanted to take a turn to parenting, and after combing through pages and pages of stuff I’ve bookmarked, I realized the best thing I could do was link to nothing. Because we all I know I need to stop¬†overthinking it. I need to stop reading advice that amounts to a lot of “be in perfect control all the time,” or even “think about how we’re all overthinking it.”

So I’ll spare you the link. Unless you’re actually abusing or neglecting your kid(s), you are doing fine. And forgive yourself if you aren’t treasuring every minute because this shizzle is hard.

One thought on “Today’s #WeekPositive is Nothing

  1. Parenting is hard indeed! we had an easy break between ages 6 and 12 and now it’s really getting hard again! Lol. Teens are like tall 2 year olds.

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