The new (but not really)

Shortly after selling my first book — I think immediately after getting off the phone with my agent, in fact — I set up an author web presence at It was last seen in a gorgeous web design by my super genius friend Jodi Chromey.

But without getting too deeply into technical details, that site was a full-scale website where I could do a lot of stuff, like run a BBS, deliver online classes, stream video, etc., most of which I never did — and also have a lot more headaches with things like SQL injection hacks and other infestations.

And so, since the hosting fees were nearly due anyway, I decided to bring things back together here on WordPress, where (I think) I have a lot more traffic, and (if I do say myself) I’ve been doing some good stuff lately. The most important content from my website is here — info on my books, and the world-famous (I kid you not, this thing gets a lot of hits) list of animals that are not rodents. The original list, complete with easter eggs, is now here.

However, some of the web pages associated with Mudville, the snake art gallery for Mamba Point, and my re-creation of “The Toad Who Told Lies” were all static web pages and won’t work in this format, so if you’re looking for any of that, I am sorry. I will try, in time, to make some of it available again.

The Extras area is now restored to all its former glory. Some of it is even improved. Enjoy!

Otherwise, please poke around. There’s some good stuff here.

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