Do you want to build a snowman?

build a snowman

Byron is obsessed with Frozen. He marches around “chopping ice” and shout-singing “CHOP THE ICE COLD AND CLEAR”. When Mom says “I’m gonna tell him,” he says “Don’t you dare!” and then croons “In Summer…..” We’ve sat and watched the “Let it Go” sequence ten times in a row and he marvels at Elsa’s creative powers. I’m convinced this is the best Disney princess movie ever, and the fact that the story and music can appeal to a preschool-aged boy and his middle-aged dad is good evidence.

Anyway, today he got his very own Olaf, but I’m afraid he’s not going to be a lifelong friend.

3 thoughts on “Do you want to build a snowman?

  1. This is how much I adore you, Kurtis – it’s April and I’m cursing at snow and yet I clicked through to your blog post with SNOW in the title 🙂 (totally worth it)

  2. We just watched it earlier this week- and it was sooo good! Olaf is something else! Maybe there’s a stuffed snowman in Byron’s future…? 😉

  3. I preordered the movie before we went on vacation and just picked it up from the post office this morning…we stopped by the library to pick up holds and Charlotte took it inside, yelling, “Weeeeeeee! Look what I’ve got! It’s mine, not the library’s!” Then we got home and found out that the DVD player isn’t working. That was half an hour ago, and it was not a pretty scenario. Not at all. Thank goodness I found a new episode of Wild Kratts to appease her. Luckily, there’s snow outside, so after reading this post I now have an idea of what else we can do today 🙂 Olaf, here we come!

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