The Zoomies

Our kid has a period of mania every evening, sometimes for twenty minutes, sometimes (like tonight) for hours. Twitter tells me one slang term for this is the zoomies. Works for me. He can be cute and funny during this time. For example, last night, when I said in exasperation that he was not to climb the cat tower unless he had “paws and whiskers,” he ran off and came back moments later, triumphant, with “paws” and at least one “whisker.” And he climbed the cat tower, carrying the thing in his teeth like a buccaneer.

Cute and funny but exasperating. We don’t need reassurance this is normal; we know it’s normal. But it’s also exasperating. And it makes it tough to write, which is one reason I have no answer for “what’s next?” questions. I have ten pages of this and fifteen pages of that, but evenings used to be my main writing time and now I am either chasing him around or staring at a work NOT in progress while screams and caterwauls sound from an adjacent room. Sigh.

It’s been a long winter and he’s cooped up a lot so I feel for him. If I had any energy, I’d have the zoomies too.

3 thoughts on “The Zoomies

  1. My 5YO is the same way. I’m thinking about getting a leash and one of those mini trampolines for inside the house so I can strap her to it and tell her to just bounce for an hour straight. But there are probably laws against that sort of thing.

  2. The joy, for us, is to enjoy the cuteness you share here and not to have to deal with our fatigue at just watching the zoomers zooming the zoomies. How well I remember…. If only they would pick the morning for this, not the time we’re ready to plop.

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