Empty Bowl Moments

I don’t know how much cats  think about things, but when the resident gourmand contemplates his empty food bowl, I can not help but feel that in his eyes I see something more than mere hunger and disappointment. There is something reflective and deep going on between those pointy ears. “So it’s all come to this,” he seems to be thinking, and “what’s it all about, really?” He sees, like Stevens’ unnamed winter soul, the nothing that is not there and the nothing that is; and for a moment he is nothing himself. Shortly after this photo was taken, the un-further-fed kitty shrugged off to have a lay down and think things over. The moment of deprivation is also a moment of opportunity; gratification in the form of food would have also been an act that denied the nourishment hunger gives his soul. We all need empty bowl moments.

Torii and the empty food bowl

One thought on “Empty Bowl Moments

  1. If there was an emoticon for blog-post appreciation, I’d click on it here. Need to remind myself that an empty bowl is not a disaster.

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