A Day At The Beach

Our family spent a week at a water park at Wisconsin Dells, a mecca of family fun in the upper midwest. There are a bazillion things to do at the Dells, but we mostly stayed in the lodge and used the waterpark. Byron loved it and didn’t need to do much else.

His favorite feature in the waterpark was a fake beach with zero depth entry.  He approached the shore cautiously each day… daring not enter right away, but just watching the other people splash around. Eventually he would wade in and wait for the wolf howl sound that meant waves were coming. By the last day he was in the deep end, secured in a tube, riding the waves with mommy.

He also liked spinning Daddy in circles while he was in a tube. That was fun for Daddy too.

Byron on the Fake Shore

We are a strange people that extoll the virtues of freedom and spend our days on fake beaches, but this is also a world where a nature walk is through carpeted hotel hallways with a guide pointing out taxidermy animals, and where story time features a giant clock with animated animals and people singing about living in the rhythm of nature, encouraging children to help the planet by using microbottles of Suave body wash (no wasteful waiting to lather!) and two-in-one shampoo/conditioner while a billion gallons of chlorinated water churn nearby. We learn to live with the irony. The kid had the time of his life.

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