Double Header of New Topps League Books

Just in time for baseball season, two more Topps League books hit the shelves today! Chad is in his second season as bat boy with the Pine City Porcupines, and (as usual) doing his best to help the players with “magic cards” from his vast collection. In Book 5 he tries to find the right card to help the easily steamed manager from getting ejected, but catcher-comedian Wayne Zane’s suggestion, “Billy Smiles,” just makes things worse. A later attempt at mending the feud between the manager and umpire is even worse, making the famously cool-headed umpire blow his top. In Book 6, Chad tries to help a new player keep a hot streak alive, give an injured player a second chance, and break in an overly eager new bat boy. This has been an insanely fun series to write, and these books are no exception. Hope you enjoy them too!

You're Out!        Batter Up!

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