Picture Book Ideas

Ideas for picture books inspired by having a young child:

Good Night, Good Night Moon

Good Night, Good Night Moon
Good Night, Good Night Construction Site
Good Night, Spot Goes To Bed
Good Night, Sleep Like a Tiger

Art shows a toddler reaching from his crib, pulling all of his bedtime books off the shelf, and throwing them on the floor. On last page, toddler is still wide awake.

Run Nakey!

A wordless book about a naked toddler running ecstatically from room to room, dodging diving parents, hurdling house cats, and stopping at various points to slide, drum, and solve a jigsaw puzzle. Give it the Austin Powers treatment to keep it rated G.

This Book is a Cookie

An edible book shaped like a cookie. I haven’t really thought through the content because nobody will ever see it, but I’m sure bookstores will make a mint on books discovered and eaten before parents can take it away. Ka-ching.

Mommy’s Nose

Pop-up book where each page has something pop up that the child loves to grab: Mommy’s nose, Daddy’s glasses, a steak knife, a cat’s tail, etc.

No Potty — Diapey

The anti-potty training book. Teaches toddlers to accept the things they have no desire to change.


If anyone out there wants to take any of these ideas and run with it, I’m willing to go halvesies. Contact my agent.

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