Writing for and about boys… online class

(Updated) This class has been rescheduled for January 28 – March 10, 2012.

Beyond Farts and Firetrucks: Writing Books For and About Boys

10/01/12–11/11/12 | Reg $198.00 | Loft Literary Center Members $178.20

In this class, we will consider what strategies we can use to engage the elusive boy reader. We will begin by discussing the strategies that get many boys to pick up a book in the first place, such as humor, action, and high-interest topics. We will then delve deeper into what makes a book memorable and important, a “home run” book that turns a kid onto reading for life. Readings and discussions will primarily cover chapter books and middle grade books, with a few research-based articles on literacy to guide us. In preparation for this class, you may want to read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars.

If you’re interested, please sign up here. Thanks!

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