Reviews of Jinxed! + an event

A couple of reviews of Jinxed! have come out that I want to share… here’s a bit from Booklist

Scaletta offers much play-by-play commentary, a revealing behind-the-scenes view of the players, and plenty of opportunities for Chad to save the day using information found in his large baseball card collection. Similar to the many titles by the late Matt Christopher, this makes a good choice for those not quite ready for Dan Gutman’s Baseball Card Adventures. To be appended with stats, a glossary, and trading cards.— Kay Weisman

Here’s a nice quote from Tulsa Book Examiner

This book is adorable. It would be a great read for fathers and sons, or even fathers and daughters, if she’s into baseball. With fun illustrations and some great life lessons for kids, this is a book series that the whole can get behind.

By the way, in just ten days I’ll be returning to Dorset, Minnesota for the festival of authors and illustrators at Sister Wolf books… here’s more information!

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