New Improved E Parenting Newsletter

Since Byron came along I’ve subscribed to the E-Parenting newsletters that come regularly from ( and look forward to getting them. However, I felt the latest one could use a little tweaking.

Development and Characteristics of a 19-20 Month Old Child

How I Grow

  • I explore a lot. And by “explore,” I mean “I get into the stereo cabinet and force open the CD player and throw CD on the floor.”
  • I may be able to kick a large ball. I am definitely able to throw it over the toddler gate into the kitchen while you are carrying a pot of boiling spaghetti to the sink.
  • I like being independent, but sometimes I want to act like a baby. And mostly I want to act like a crazy monkey that has been exiled from monekydom for being too crazy.
  • I can run without falling too often. Preferably into traffic.
  • I can stand on either foot holding on. How else could I remove my pants at the grocery store?
  • I still like to climb on things. Especially you. Be still, monkey bars!
  • I don’t know about safety, so I count on you to keep thinks safe for me. I will, however, screech and screech and wriggle and kick when you try.

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