Batboy series

Today is April 1, the official release date for the batboy series. As I’ve said, the series concerns the misadventures of a ten-year-old chiropterahumanoid who disguises himself as a normal boy to avoid tabloid newspaper reporters and government agents. Of course he gives himself away sometimes, when he forgets himself and eats his own weight in mosquitoes on camping trips or sleeps hanging from a friend’s bunk bed during a sleepover.


:record scratch: OK, there was a little April foolin’ going on here. And really, that would be awesome, too.

But the new series is about a completely different kind of bat boy. Chad works for a minor league baseball team called the Pine City Porcupines and uses his massive baseball card collection to help the players on the team overcome superstitions and jinxes. The books are full of great pictures by the talented Eric Wight, author of Frankie Pickle. The books are published by Abrams and Topps and the paperbacks feature collectible cards. The whole thing is really cool and fun to be a part of.


Find out more here and here.

(The first illustration is by my buddy Christopher Lincoln.)

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