So It Goes

One of the promises I made myself as an author was never to apologize or explain myself. That goes for the blog, too, which I have not kept up with any regularity. But I’ll acknowledge that after a couple of moves and mishaps I’m just not the blogger I used to be. I rarely update, and although I sometimes start drafting things I usually don’t finish them. Or I decide they simply aren’t any good. Or I decide I can really just tweet the same thought. Or I save it for the Loft blog.

What I’m saying is, instead of feeling guilty about not blogging I’m just going to hang this up for a while. I see no need to delete any of the existing content, but I expect to be extremely rare in these parts. You can follow my regular writer website ( for news on my books and events. If you want to keep up with Byron, send me a message via the “about me” page.

OK, I lied. I do have one apology, which I owe to Chris Rylander, C.A. London, and other authors I really wanted to interview and never did. These are great guys with great books; they would have had much to contribute to my ongoing discussion of books and boys.

My parting advice for writers is, remember that pearls are born of irritation. Your frustration, disappointment, discouragement and annoyance are all part of the process. Without those things, the great books you will write wouldn’t be possible.

One thought on “So It Goes

  1. I used to feel guilty about not posting as often I used to on my blog, but not anymore. It’s YOUR blog to use or abuse as you see fit. You don’t have to follow the “rules” if you don’t want to.

    Good luck on your other endeavors!

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