Byron’s favorite word is “hat.” He uses it for a hello, goodbye, give me my bottle, let go, and many things in between. The meaning is usually clear from context. He will sometimes put his hand on his head to show you what he means, and he’ll say it when he has a hat, or when you have one, so he clearly knows its primary meaning. His favorite game is called hat, and involves bringing you a hat (or a bowl, or a napkin, or a shoe) and saying “hat hat hat” and then watching you in eagerness and awe as you put it on your head. He then reaches for it, saying “hat hat hat” and carries it to someone else. He enjoys hats, too, sometimes taking two or three with him when we go out. He doesn’t wear them for long, unless they are strapped on, but he likes to carry them around.

I’m sure it has developmental significance, this love for head wear, the constant donning and doffing of hats, the repetition of the word.

I wonder what the next thing will be that he pulls out of his hat.

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