The Toddling

The boy toddles. He takes a few steps, chirping with delight, and usually falls to his bottom. He has turned, backed up, and negotiated his way around and over objects on these five-step treks. I guess that makes him a toddler, although he is still very much a baby. They are overlapping phases. He’s more baby than toddler, but every day we see him emerge a little bit more as a boy.

He talks, but it’s baby patter. He points and says “Aaahhhh.” We get his meaning. He likes applesauce, mommy’s house shoes, mommy’s glasses, the cord to the computer, books, toy cars, blocks, balls, and some bath toys that have proven themselves more versatile than mere bathing entertainment, laughing at kitties, naps, not taking naps, and exploring. Exploring is really the first and foremost activity right now.

It’s exciting to see him change, but I miss the tiny baby he used to be.

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