Thoughtful, measured, rash acts

In promoting the Facebook page for The Tanglewood Terror, I promised to do something “rash,” which, upon further coaxing, I also promised would be thoughtful and measured, and impulsively generous. Here’s what I came up with.

I’m offering a free school visit to a class in the Twin Cities. Just send me an email (kurtis at if you are a teacher and would like an author to come talk to kids about writing, chasing their dreams, looking both ways before they cross the street, etc., just send an email to kurtis [at] I’m also available for Skype visits if you’re outside the Twincy.

My usual policy is that kids have to have read one of my books, but that’s not a requirement this time — I’ll wing it. Also, I’ve always met with 4th through 7th graders; that seems to be the ideal range for the kind of stuff I write and talk about.