Publicity Stunts

Dear Readers,

My buddy and occasional inspiration Michael Nothrop cut a deal with weather witches this winter and dumped unprecedented amounts of snow across the country just as his novel of snow terror, Trapped, hit the shelves. The book was an instant hit. [image by Chris Schoenbohm]


So I released a cobra (couldn’t find a mamba) to push Mamba Point, and while the serpentine escapee was big news, some guy on Twitter stole all my thunder and the book didn’t get nearly the carryover publicity I was hoping for. [image by Quantum Butterfly]


But I’m not giving up. The Tanglewood Terror is out in a little over five months, which is plenty of time to mount a giant campaign of fungal terror. I have the best mycologists, publicists, and spore spreaders working on this. And while I don’t want to ruin the surprise, if you have allergies to molds and mildews and things of that nature, you might want to book a long vacation very far away from September through November.

Yours in April Foolishness,

The Author