The Annual Giveaway Bonanza III: Endless Winter

It’s time at last to give away some stuff. The pearl of this year’s oyster is an advanced copy of my third novel, The Tanglewood Terror, which you can read months before most people. Also featured in the giveaway bonanza are a used copy of Hawthorne’s Tangelwood Tales (which has nothing to do with my Tanglewood, but is actually a fantastic retelling of Greek myths), a Byrongram, a drawing of a robot by me, and some other stuff Ithrow in the envelope. Sound like fun? All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread that doesn’t invite me to look at Facebook layouts or money markets (I’ll delete them if they do). Byron will randomly pick a name from the entrants on or around March 21.

1 2 3 Go!

Note: three-handed baby not included in prize package.

31 thoughts on “The Annual Giveaway Bonanza III: Endless Winter

  1. I know nothing of money markets, which is why I need ARCs–can’t afford to pay full price!*

    (*I totally can; I’m just impatient and greedy.)

  2. I have 2 sons who sleep with their field guide to North American Mushrooms who are looking forward to your new book release!

  3. Byron is totally adorable, but you know that. It didn’t look like a three handed baby at first glance. It looked a bit like a fiddler crab or other crustacean sporting one appendage larger than the other for various reasons! Then I noticed the little baby hand up top.

    Would so love to win the arc.


  4. I notice that, ahem, Byron’s wearing a wedding-type ring on one of his hands. Geez, Kurtis, even the ancients waited until the kids were at least toddlers before matching them up. Do you get more cattle for the extra hand?

    [Don’t need the ARC — I’ll buy the book instead. I just wanted to smart off.]

  5. Doing it for the kids. And, I am not inviting me to look at Facebook layouts or money markets. You do the former anyway and the latter at your own risk.

  6. To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to apply for the position of “Winner,” which I recently saw advertised on the internets. I have a great deal of experience with winning, including the 4th and 6th grade spelling bees, staring contests, and a really really long game of Star Wars Monopoly this one time, and would love to utilize my skills in your blog giveaway. List of vanquished opponents available on request. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Peter Pearson

  7. While I hope Byron picks my name, I’m even more hoping that you video tape* Byron picking the name, because that would be awesome.

    *Archaic term used for your reading pleasure.

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