Ten Thousand Years

A lyric popped into my brain this morning, unbidden, from one of the loveliest songs ever written, “Amazing Grace.” Not the full lyric, just this snippet:

If we should live ten thousand years…

To be honest, in my brain it was only a thousand years. I had to google it to get it straight. Ten thousand years… wow. The song was written in the late 1700s, by a slave trader (or so I’ve been told) who had realized he really was a wretch and needed saving. Now, I’m not a religious man, but the humility and simplicity of the song always get to me. And now my mind is boggled by the idea of thinking ten thousand years ahead.

Who can imagine life in 12011? Not me. Any glimpse we get of the future seems to be a few hundred years off, at most, and everything is always terrible. Either that or things are seemingly fine, but just wait until the big reveal in the later chapters….

If faith can give us anything, it’s the outrageous idea that ten thousand years from now we’ll still be muddling along, singing the same songs that got us this far.

5 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Years

  1. Did you know you can sing Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan’s Island? Something my pastor demonstrated to us the other day. I will never forget it.

    • That was one of the versions I considered posting… along with Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin, Grandpa Elliott, Maliah Jackson, and a highly pitch-corrected seven-year-old girl.

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