What Writers Can Learn From Angry Birds

You are about to witness one of the most wretched and desperate posts in the history of the blogosphere. Having indulged some 10,000 hours of the last month to sling-shotting cartoon birds at cartoon pigs, I will attempt to explain why this is really helping me become a better author, if not a better parent.

1. You need to be patient. Yes, it is maddening, but sometimes if you just keep at it everything will work out. Trust me.
2. Sometimes you need to try something else. Well, OK, if you’ve really been trying it one way over and over and over and over and it never works, just approach it from a different angle. Have you been chipping away at the foundation, when you should opt for a full frontal assault? Or vice-versa?
3. Sometimes you need to DO something else. Your muscles and your brain need a break. Go play with the baby or something, and come back considerably refreshed and renewed.
4. Success is fleeting. There is always another level. Even if there isn’t, you can go back and do even better on the previous levels. Or you can wait a few days and more levels will be available.
5. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Millions of people are playing, and the high score list is just ridiculous. Be happy with your own accomplishments.
6. Sometimes it is magic. You just let birds or words fly, and they land right and bounce right and miracles happen. Enjoy the moment and (if you’re writing) remember to click save.

One thought on “What Writers Can Learn From Angry Birds

  1. You have basically summarised my reasons for playing Zuma Blitz, but you missed one important thing: playing a repetitive, relatively mindless game allows your mind to float free and become receptive to new ideas which in turn will eventually become new books!

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