What I’m Doing Here

I’m using this account just to post my regular thoughts as I make my way through the autobiography of Mark Twain, recently published for the first time in its entirety (It’s also available online at http://www.marktwainproject.org). The book I’ve got is quite a tome, over 600 pages long, with dense text and extensive paratexts and footnotes. It seemed like the perfect book for a project I’ve had in mind for a while, a book blog that takes a book slowly and at its own pace… in a way I just want to re-learn how to really read in an era of micro-content and multitasking. I’m not setting a schedule or a deadline for this, though I hope to keep up the enterprise.

Like most people I admire Mark Twain, but I don’t pretend to have any special scholarship or advantage on anyone else with his work. I’ve read Huckleberry Finn many times and consider it to be the great American Novel, but I’ve only dipped into the rest of his considerable oeuvre. However, I’ve often felt like I would eventually have to get to know him better. I guess that time has come, especially because I seem to be up for something called The Mark Twain award.

I will be posting all of my observations here, sometimes via email, and might even do some podcasts. Everything will be re-published to my blog (https://kurtisscaletta.wordpress.com) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/mudmamba) and linked on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mudmamba).

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