Another Endeavor

I made an impulse purchase of Mark Twain’s autobiography, and it gave me an idea. I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to read a book slowly and blog about it as I go. My goal is to set some counterpoint to the typical books blog (like the one I used to keep), with hasty summaries and a few impressions to get through as many books as possible. I want to rediscover reading as a slow, leisurely, and thoughtful process.

I considered Charlotte’s Web, Huckleberry Finn, and Watership down for this endeavor, but now I think I’ll make it this tome, which is considerable — though only six hundred something pages (the length of an average Stephen King novel), it feels weightier — there are some 200 pages of paratexts. I think it’ll give me plenty to write about as I go, and the book is both new and has an astonishing immediate classic lit quality. Since it isn’t plot-driven, it’ll give me more to write about than what happens. I’m banking on Mr. Clemens having a lot of provocative things to say that will prompt me to map his world to my own.

If anybody wants to read it with me, let me know. We can discuss it as we go. I haven’t set a specific schedule for it, though. I’ll just read it at the pace it requires.

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