Another Web Roundup

The coolest find of the week is this review on the National Geographic for Kids website, which features a blog where kids review books. Sheila is an author’s favorite kind of reviewer–one who gives plenty of choice quotes.

If you don’t like snakes, it’s time to get over your fears because this is an amazing book!

Thanks, Sheila! Mamba Point also showed up as a “cool read for teens” and made’s gift guide for kids for the holidays and recommended reading by the library staff here and called “essential” by “Kiss the Book.” Thanks for giving my book a read and a mention.

Meanwhile, James Preller and I are at it again over on his blog, talking about boys and books in what is turning into a series. Please click over and leave a comment. We want these to be discussions. Also watch for Preller’s answer the boy reading dilemma. His theory, which is backed by research, is that boys who see their dads reading, will become readers themselves. It is a very cool project.

Last but not least… OK, to be honest, since I “met” Lisa Yee online several years ago, I have wanted to join the incredible list of authors, editors, booksellers and other people who’ve been featured on her blog with Peepy the stuffed Peep. Here’s evidence it finally happened. Lisa is also awesome, of course, a great writer and blogger, and since I’ve led workshops on web presence for authors, her website has been one of my favorite examples of making an author site lively and fun. So, click around Lisa’s blog for other examples of how do it right. She has great stories and contests and other fun stuff.

Did I say that was last? I meant penultimate. Here is Byron in the middle of a good book.