NCTE 2010

I was lucky enough this weekend to spend a few days at Disney World, and although I didn’t meet Mickey or Donald, I did meet and see many terrific teachers and writers, and many wonderful people from Random House including my own editor (and soon-to-be published author!), Allison Wortche.

I was there to present on the topic of writing slang and dialect into children’s books, along with C. Lee McKenzie, Erin Dionne, Cynthea Liu, Carrie Ryan and Cheryl Renee Herbsman. I’ve known them all virtually for a couple of years, due to the quick camaraderie of debut authors, but this was the first time I met any of them in person. They all gave excellent presentations and were fun to hang out with. I’ll be adding notes from my own piece about Liberian English to the Resources page soon.

I also attended a Middle Grade Mosaic author roundtable event which was an A-List of authors including David Levithan, Lisa Yee (who brought the famous Peepy) and Lisa McMann, who is as nice and down-to-earth a bestselling author as you’ll ever meet.

I capped this all off with a Random House dinner featuring three Newbery winners (Rebecca Stead, and Lois Lowry counts twice, natch), Jame Richards, Edith Hemingway, Rosanne Parry, Kirby Larson and Pat Mora (Pat is the only one I didn’t get a chance to say Hello too). I enjoyed talking to the teachers at my table, which included “Educating Alice,” who has blogged about Mamba Point, and has published a lot about teaching and children’s literature.

I met a lot of other authors and teachers, and can’t list them all, so I don’t mean to leave anyone off. It was a great experience and is always exciting to be surrounded by so many people who really care about children’s books. I also got some cute Disney attire for the baby. Pictures forthcoming.

By the way, to April the college professor at my table: if you see this, this is the book I was talking about.