Baby Boys Can’t Like Marie

I went to a massive Disney store the other day, because I wanted to get some cute clothes for my three-month-old son. My wife likes Marie of the Aristocats, so when I saw Marie onesies, I thought briefly of getting one for Byron. But of course they were pink, had frilly sleeves, and were clearly meant for girls. So it occured to me that none of the “boy” clothes had girl characters on them. Girls are supposed to go to the princesses, boys to the Woodys and Buzzes and Mickeys and Tiggers. But some of the girl stuff has boy characters, so why can’t there be a boy outfit with Marie on it? Can’t a small boy like a kitten? There are actually no boy clothes with cats on them, as we’ve learned. No bunnies either. Plenty of puppies, monkeys, and a smattering of alligators and so forth, but nothing fluffy.

It’s amazing how much gender role we impose before the kids even have preferences. I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t challenged it, because I don’t want people asking me why I dress my son like a girl. So I guess I’m going along with the whole business, even though I thought a Marie onesie would have been cute. I swear I would have done it if they’d just made it in blue or purple and it didn’t have the frilly sleeves.

5 thoughts on “Baby Boys Can’t Like Marie

  1. I was recently looking at baby clothes. Finding gender neutral baby clothes is near impossible. Maybe one or two things in green or yellow, but nothing overly cute. Bah.

  2. We run into this a lot as we have 2 boys. They both have lots of fluffy white kitty stuffed animals- because we have 3 cats and they LOVE cats. My boys know cats aren’t just for girls but they run into that a lot at school. Dogs are for boys. Cats for girls. My kids blow those standards out of the water.

  3. Yep, and try the toy aisles at Target. So clearly the girls’ aisle and the boys’ aisle. Will equality for both genders ever make an impact on toy and fashion industry? Would be nice, huh?

  4. When my sister was pregnant with my nephew, she came to visit a few days before she learned it was a boy. When we were looking at baby clothes, we quickly established that clothes with ducks were pretty much the only thing we could buy since everything else was fairly obvious one way or the other. Of course now my niece is wearing her big brother’s old dinosaur pajamas because they fit her and who really cares?

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