Web Roundup

Bookshop Gal and picture book author Dara Dokas wrote a really nice post about my last reading at Micawbers.

It’s always fun to find book reviews by kids, and here’s one from the coolest-sounding library ever. “Half Hollow Hills.” Doesn’t that name just cry out for a middle-grade fantasy series? Can’t you just picture the trolls and orcs that live in those hills?

My neighbor Katie has a book and Bollywood blog when she isn’t working at the library or taking care of our cats. Here’s her review of Mamba Point.

I’ll be at NCTE next week, talking about Liberian English in Mamba Point and having dinner with awesome people like Lois Lowry, Rebecca Stead, and my editor. C. Lee McKenzie has a description of the presentation here.

Last and probably least, I wrote another book club post on Mixed Up Files. This time I leave the books out of it.