Mail Call

I’ve gotten some nice mail this week and wanted to share a few snippets.

Nicolas, my 10-year-old, asked if we could email you with the hopes of
talking you into continuing the Mudville Story. He says it’s the best
book he’s ever read and hopes that maybe your next one could be about
how it won’t stop snowing!

I did write a make-believe sequel, which you will find in the “extras” section of this website. But the serious answer is that I really do feel like the story ended where it was supposed to and there won’t be another book about Roy and Sturgis. However, I think it is still snowing in Moundville, and they are probably having lots of snowball fights and making lots of snowmen.

[Re: Mudville] Great kids book. Lots of real stuff in there – value of work, divorced people still being people, family taking care of family, etc., etc. […] Just wanted to say “Great kids’ book.” and thanks.

Thanks David. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the character of Roy’s dad, and it might be the aspect I am most proud of. One reviewer even said Mr. McGuire stole the book. I am proud of showing an imperfect single parent who is trying hard for his family and is a strong part of the story. I am also proud of his entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. I know that a lot of kids’ books put the parents in the background, and understand the reasons for doing so (parents are less present in my next two books, in fact). So I am really pleased that Roy’s dad resonates both with kids and dads.

How did you get the idea for your novel Mudville? Does this resemble a time in your life? Where is Mudville?
P.S. I loved this book it really impacted me. Thanks for writing this.
-Reader, Baseball fan and player as a girl (but related to Roy the most), and a fan of yours…

Makayla, thanks so much for your email. It made my day. I am always happy to know that girls enjoy my books even though they are mostly about boys. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The rain delay idea came to me when I was watching a baseball game on TV and it went into a rain delay. I wondered what would happen if it never stopped raining. Mudville grew out of that.
2. I played some baseball as a kid, but just in vacant lots and never any organized teams. So the kids in my book put together their own team without a lot of adults around.
3. Mudville (or Moundville) is a fictional town somewhere in Western Minnesota. The flooding and town rivalry are sort of based on a place I used to live; Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota which is right next to it.

Thanks to all of you for contacting me. The best thing about being a writer is hearing from a reader.