Discussion Now Open

I added a talk page. It’s in “alpha” right now, meaning I want to see if it works OK and if anyone uses it. I like the idea of (a) people being able to comment and talk about things without finding an appropriate page, and (b) having all those comments in one place instead of strewn about the website. So instead of making this “bloggy,” I am making it “boardy.” Please go on over and post a question or something so I can test it and make it look alive. Thanks!

If you are a reader, you might start by posting a new topic to the Mudville or Mamba Point forums.

Also, if you have recommendations for how to organize this forum, feel free to post that to the “this website” forum.

EDIT: Bugs were found and exterminated. If you were redirected back to the home page or simply didn’t see your posts appear, try it again. I think it works now. Let me know if it doesn’t. Just leave a message on the talk pa…. I mean, use the contact me form! I know that works.