Web Roundup October 2, 2010

First, thanks to Joy and Tina for their nice reviews of Mamba Point. But for the record, I love the cover. And how about this one from The Buffalo News?

Scaletta skillfully weaves the fantastic elements of Linus’ close relationship with the snake world with the practical realities of trying to make friends in a foreign land, of discovering girls, of fighting with his older brother and trying to understand the perspective of the Liberian people he meets. Scaletta finds the perfect way to wrap up his suspenseful, strange and enthralling tale.

Edit: I nearly forgot to thank Jenny for nominating Mamba Point for the Cybils. Then I remembered. Thanks, Jenny!

Meanwhile, I talked to James Preller about books and boys over on his blog. I opined on the same topic at MudMambas but I think the discussion with Jim is better. It also includes Lewis Buzbee, a guy I have gotten to know Facebookwise and like quite a bit; so much it almost saddens me that his Giants will lose so brutally to the Twins in the World Series. He says this, which I think is nicely put.

Books are very intimate places, where one reader with one book can feel and think about the world in ways that are different than they might otherwise think and feel. I know that’s why I like reading.

Also, I’ll be at KidLitCon later this month with Elissa Cruz talking about the middle grade authors blogs, From The Mixed Up Files.

I think that’s it for this week. Except I have heard your complaints that I don’t allow comments here. I have chosen to disable them on these basic news updates-style posts but I will be adding some kind of guest book or discussion page so people can say yo. Expect that soon.