Web Roundup

It’s been hard to give timely updates and I’ve fallen behind, but here are some neat things around the Internet.

Leading off the round-up, Mamba Point is on Education.com’s gift guide — they choose books that are both entertaining and educational.

I like this review of Mamba Point. I’m not sure if it was original to this shopping site or if it’s pulled in from another source, but it’s the only copy of it I’ve seen.

The Book Blog didn’t care for the kaseng storyline, but liked the character development and setting. It’s not a completely positive review but it is a thoughtful one.

Mamba Point also showed up on this list of books about reptiles, and this list for animal lovers which appeared in various newspapers around the country and Candada.

Thanks to Kristin Cronn-Mills for talking to me about outlaws, and pirate/author James Preller for the congratulatory note.

I might have missed a couple of things, since it’s been a looooooooooong month, but thanks to everyone who read and reviewed Mamba Point in any format, and whatever your two cents were.