Fantasy Fatherhood

I don’t have time for fantasy football, but appreciate that it gives ordinary folks a chance to experience football at a more intimate level than spectator. You can draft a team, manage it, make trades, and so forth.

I wonder if there’s as many people enchanted by the idea of fatherhood without the blessing of a child, who would like to experience vicariously the joys and pitfalls of being a dad. We could have a fantasy fatherhood league, using real-time stats of real dads to play. You draft a team of what you hope are high-performing papas, then watch daily to see how they are doing and how your “team” competes against other teams in categories such as: rapid diaper changes, efficient burping, putting baby to sleep, boasting about the cuteness and brightness of your offspring, thinking of things to worry about, saving for college, etc.

I wouldn’t actually have time to play, but I think it would be fun for somebody else.

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