Send in the infancy!

It’s hard to imagine any week being more wonderful and terrifying than this one. I won’t go too much into the terrifying, since we are now all home and healthy and able to enjoy the dozen daily miracles of seeing (or being) a new life on the planet.


I’ve never been that interested in babies, but now I find them (or at least this one) utterly fascinating. Byron is an adorable, alert (when awake) baby who can melt a grown man by grabbing his nose. He loves nothing better than sleeping with mommy, except maybe his hedgehog pacifier. Most people remark on his full head of hair, which looks frosted at the tips. Objectively speaking, I’m pretty sure he’s the smartest, cutest baby in the history of babies.


6 thoughts on “Send in the infancy!

  1. That top picture (of his little hand) is so moving. I look at it and realize one day that hand will be the hand of a grown man, maybe even with fingers being gripped by his own baby. What an amazing thing you guys have done.

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