The Tanglewood Terror

The final title for my third novel is: The Tanglewood Terror.

It originally had a different title, but I like the new one much better. First of all, I love Nathaniel Hawthorne—his Tanglewood is completely different from mine, but the name resonates for me. (For those familiar with the musical venue, they also got the name from Hawthorne.) Second of all, this keeps with my habit of naming books after places. Third of all, the full title sounds like a pulp-era horror story, which is a current that runs through the story. Did I say current? And did I mention that the hero of Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales (and his Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys, which came first) is Eustace Bright?

Well, here’s what The Tanglewood Terror is about (this is not the official jacket copy, it’s my own working description):

When the little town of Tanglewood, Maine, is beset by a giant glowing fungus, thirteen-year-old Eric Parrish figures it’s just one more thing going wrong in his life — like his parents splitting up, or having a falling-out with his football team over a pig, or his little brother being a little pill. A teen runaway named Mandy tells him the fungus could portend the town’s doom and leave it in rubble, just like a colonial village that was mysteriously destroyed over two hundred years ago. With Eric’s little brother tagging along, they set out to solve a very old puzzle and save the town.

Be prepared to be terrified (and entertained) by Tanglewood Terror in the fall of 2011.