Summer Endings

Mamba Point is featured along with a handful of other middle-grade books by Minnesota authors in the weekend edition of The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Linus, who narrates the book, is utterly believable, innocent and worried and easily distracted, like any 12-year-old. “It was a big deal to have a servant. … If I wanted a bologna sandwich, would I just ask the servant guy to make me one? If I did, would he know how to do it, with a little mustard between two slices of bologna and mayonnaise but not mustard on the bread and one leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato but never the end of the tomato? Would he take the red ribbon off the edges of the bologna? Did they even have bologna in Liberia? There was a lot to think about.” There sure was. Where were we again? Oh, yeah. “Mamba Point.” Fun book.

Bonus points to Laurie Hertzel for the print edition, which has a graphic explaining what middle-grade fiction is (that vast literary canyon between chapter books and young adult.) She also features Jacqueline West’s The Shadows (which I hear is awesome), Christopher Lincoln’s Billy Bones, Stephanie Watson’s Elvis and Olive, Caroline Stevermer’s Magic Below Stairs, and my niece’s favorite writer, Lynne Jonnel. There’s a lot of talent in Minnesota’s kid lit circuit!