Around the Blogosphere

Believe it or not I’ll be a dad in two weeks, give or take a few days. I won’t be posting a lot in those first 19-20 years of fatherhood, but will poke my head up here and there on this here Interweb. Here are a few places I’ve showed up lately and one where I haven’t been.

  • Here I am talking to fellow 2009 debut author C. Lee McKenzie on her blog, The Write Game.
  • Jennifer Clark Estes reviews Mamba Point on One Mom’s World.
  • Teaser! Watch my team middle-grade blog From the Mixed Up Files for a new post from me on Monday, writing about books I plan to share with my son when he’s old enough. Follow this blog if you haven’t been; there’s great posts by a variety of authors several times a week and lots of giveaways and good discussion.
  • MudMambas, my off-topic blog, is temporarily on hiatus, but I’ll be posting book-related updates here and, more importantly, I’ll post baby-related updates and photos after the big event!