The Mahar Child, Part 2

Matt Miller is a good friend of Linus, the hero of Mamba Point. If you’ve browsed through my website’s extras, you may have found the first installment of his Pellucidar pastiche, The Mahar Child. Linus found a print-out of this, which Matt had mailed him some twenty-odd years ago, and allowed me to scan the dot-matrix printout and convert it (using OCR software) to a digital format so I could share with my web audience.

I was eager to post the rest of the story, which Linus knew had been completed, but he couldn’t find the other pages. We contacted Matt, who said that though he still at the five-inch floppies the stories were saved on, he no longer had a disk drive capable of reading them, nor the WordStar software he’d used to compose them. Data recover is possible through third-party services, but rather expensive. I told him if he sent the disk, I would take care of it.¬†Fortunately, one of my friends runs a digital archive at a major university library and has, in his own words, “All kinds of crazy junk back here.”

The machinery we needed was there, and by using a Unix-based Wordstar emulator, we were able to pull in the text of this and many other long-lost files from Matt’s disk. It took just a little clean up and formatting to make another installment available to you! And so, here at last, is Part 2 of the The Mahar Child.

The bad news is, it’s still not all here. Matt believes there are four or five parts to the story, in total, but the floppy he sent was mislabeled, and contained only the first two. He is determined to find and share the rest, but thinks the box with the rest of his old floppies is at his dad’s house, and his dad is currently in New Zealand on business. Be assured that we are all committed to restoring “The Mahar Child” in its entirety, but it may take a while. In the meantime, enjoy the story so far!