Mutts on Pigs

Anne asked after my last post, what comic strips do I like now? I don’t get a daily paper any more, since I get all my news online (I would pay a modest subscription fee to keep newspapers going, but didn’t want the papers piling up on my porch anymore.)  I also feel like comic strips really aren’t a thing any more, if you know what I mean. I can’t remember the last time somebody asked me if I read _____ this morning. When newspaper comic strips do come up, it’s almost always somebody saying how much they miss Calvin and Hobbes (me too!)

I’ll go ahead and say Mutts, because even though I think it’s more “cute” than “funny,” Patrick McDonnell is a big advocate for animal rights and I admire him for that.

He did a series on farm animals a while back, and I remember this one coming up when I was researching the life of farm pigs for my now untitled work in progress. The final draft of that book is unlikely to include the whole story of Cassie the sow’s brutal treatment and eventual rescue/adoption by her new keeper… it was too beside the point… but suffice to say that gestation crates are not humane. Temple Grandin (whom I think I blogged about before, or meant to — she is an amazing person) said that gestation crates are like “living in an airline seat.” Anyway, here’s that strip.

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