I’m on Twitter as skutir. Follow me if you want. You’ll see a mostly curter, somewhat franker Kurtis than you’d ever get on the blog. I comment a lot on bad officiating in baseball games and tell jokes. One of my jokes was once retweeted by Margaret Atwood. Seriously. Margaret Atwood!

So you know you want to follow me. It’s important because I’m racing Steve Brezenoff to 500 followers. There’s a lot on the line, including bragging rights. Follow Steve too if you want. He’s a good guy and I’m pretty sure I’ll win anyway.

3 thoughts on “Tweet

  1. I like following you, for the wit and the Twins updates. Good luck on racing against Steve to 500, I will remain neutral as I follow you both! Margaret Atwood!?! Nice!
    p.s. I was once retweeted by neilhimself! 😉

    • I said I was writing a dystopian novel about a futuristic world where there’s no more trees because they’ve all been turned into dystopian novels. There was a RT link between us because Maggie doesn’t follow me.

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