Dinner Guests in Dreamland

Sometimes people ask who you would choose to have dinner with if you could have dinner with anyone, and usually you are given 2-3 such guests. I think this picture of Kurt Vonnegut and Daniel Pinkwater must have been taken from my own answer, in some alternate reality where I’m that kid in the Twilight Zone who can make things happen just by thinking about them. However, I am not sure why Kurt would be smoking at the dinner table or why Dan is wearing a ribbon.

This picture was actually posted by Pinkwater’s agent, Jennifer Laughran, on Twitter; I am not sure what circumstances brought these two together. I hope they got along. When I was first read Vonnegut in ninth grade, I marveled that there was a Daniel Manus Pinkwater for grownups.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Guests in Dreamland

  1. Not only Vonnegut, but both men, smoking at the dinner table because the food was uneatable, and I am wearing a ribbon because I had just won, (easily beating Vonnegut), the competition for Fattest Author at the New York State Fair in 1978.

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