Radio Free Mamba

The Mamba Point release is now fifty days away, and now I’ve got official confirmed plans for launch day — I’ll be on KFAI radio talking to Charlotte Sullivan about living in Liberia and writing this book. KFAI is 90.3 in Minneapolis, 106.7 in St. Paul, and right here, everywhere. The show starts at 7 PM Central and goes for an hour. I’m not sure which half is my half, but I do know the other half is John Coy. All of these team appearances are in anticipation of our new Abbot & Costello-styled comedy show, “Kurtis and Coy,” coming soon to a Vaudeville music hall near you. Seriously, we did agree to an open mike forum, so it’ll be fun.

Wonder what to do until then? You might check out The Horn Book‘s recommended summer reading list for kids. There are some great books on there, especially in the Intermediate category. 🙂