A Forever Home, One Hopes

Remember how I told you to use feedburner to subscribe to the feed from my hastily made Google site last week just after the malware fiasco? That’s because I knew that the Google site was like a Holiday Inn Express. It was a quick and temporary thing, never meant to be a permanent home.

Now I’m all moved into a new permanent place, so come on over to the new, improved, and malware free www.kurtisscaletta.com to check it out… the content is the same, but I built the theme myself from scrap parts here and there. Amazing what you can do with a fresh coat of paint and a mixed metaphor.

This is just my official authorial web presence with mostly static content and the most pertinent author-related announcements. The bloggy stuff is over at mudmambas.blogspot.com er, mudmambas.wordpress.com.